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Pharmacists say #NPLEx allows them to block PSE sales to criminals while ensuring access for law-abiding citizens.…  |  08:45 PM October 26
Congrats to @GovernorDeal and the state of #GA for 6 months of success using the #NPLEx stop-sale technology.  |  08:50 PM October 25
In Indiana, #NPLEx helped block the purchase of over 75,000 grams of PSE in the first half of 2016.…  |  06:25 PM October 25
In observation of #NationalPharmacyWeek, please join us in celebrating pharmacists for their invaluable role in the…  |  09:40 PM October 17
This #NationalPharmacyWeek, a @pdeditorial thanks MO pharmacists for using #NPLEx to block 25,000 boxes of PSE:…  |  06:01 PM October 17