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Here's how and why requiring prescriptions for #PSE would more than inconvenience law-abiding citizens:  |  06:55 PM February 18
Prescriptions for cold meds won’t cut meth abuse. Take it form Dr. Richard Feldman: via @indystar #SMNM  |  03:30 PM February 18
In #AL in 2014 almost 80,000 grams of #PSE were blocked from #meth criminals. This @aldotcom article explores:  |  01:05 AM February 18
FACT: In 2014 #NPLEx stopped nearly 91,000 grams of PSE from being illegally diverted to meth in #MO. More info here:  |  09:20 PM February 17
Stopping smurfing is critical to ending #meth production. #IL law enforcement learns how: via @brettblumekmox  |  02:15 PM February 13