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Prescription-only #PSE would increase #Medicaid spending by millions of dollars in #Indiana:  |  01:16 PM April 16
#WV Retailers Assoc. President, Bridget Lambert on why restricting access to #PSE hurts hard working WV families:  |  07:05 PM April 15
"To fight meth in #SC, we don’t have to force [cold & allergy sufferers] to the Dr." - @AFPSCarolina's Seth Powell:  |  02:25 PM April 15
Prescriptions for #PSE are a burden for all South Carolinians. Here's why: #SMNM  |  11:13 PM April 13
Rep. Pitts: Restricting access to OTC meds only inconveniences those who rely on the product. cc: @CherawChronicle  |  09:05 PM April 8