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#NPLEx trainings taught officers how to best use the system to identify those who are misusing #PSE to make meth.  |  03:08 PM February 8
Senator Young & Rep. @DaveFrizzell are proposing legislation that has reduced meth labs, without burdening consumers  |  02:38 PM February 5
Representative @DaveFrizzell's bill would use the existing #NPLEx system to automatically block the sale of #PSE  |  02:42 PM February 2
#NPLEx contributed to the blocking of more than 2,239,961 boxes of #PSE across the U.S. in 2015 alone.  |  03:34 PM January 28
"Perhaps the biggest pitfall of this bill, however, is that it is patently unfair to consumers." #NPLEx  |  04:33 PM January 26