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A pharmacist in #AL explains why prescriptions for allergy medicine harms law-abiding citizens via @aldotcom #NPLEx  |  09:45 PM September 30
#NPLEx stops meth production while keeping PSEs OTC for the law abiding citizens who need them: #SMNM  |  07:30 PM September 27
In Oklahoma, allergy medication must stay over-the-counter due to a shortage of physicians via @CapitolBeatOK #NPLEx  |  05:41 PM September 27
Allergy Tip - Keep the windows rolled up on your morning drive to avoid high pollen counts.  |  01:23 PM August 31
Meth lab seizures have declined in #OK, but meth use remains consistent due to an influx of Mexican meth. Learn more  |  10:08 PM August 30