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Rx-only laws will increase the current $25 billion annual burden from common cold on U.S. employees. - @AlexBrill_DC  |  03:35 PM November 24
"Meth use hasn't declined since we started putting restrictions on #PSE. It's actually increased." - @caseythehost  |  06:23 PM November 23
Rx-only laws increase drug prices by an average of 35 percent according to @avalerehealth and @AlexBrill_DC  |  03:07 PM November 20
“You do not restrict the Mexican drug cartels by restricting people’s access (to cold medicine).” -@rob_karr #NPLEx  |  04:06 PM November 19
Rx-only programs "have not seen results that are better than in any other state." - @AlexBrill_DC Brill  |  03:36 PM November 17